SustainaClaus the SDG Santa VISITS and ENCOURAGES all the Good Girls, Boys and Grownups to TAKE ACTION and be Part Of the Solution.

Every WEDNESDAY is a special day for SustainaClaus the SDG Santa and LCP the Low Carbon Panda – the day we SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG and strive to SOLVE the 17 “SDG” Global Goals through “ISR” – (Individual Social Responsibility) …making BETTER DECISIONS and Living a LOHHAS Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability.

Let’s make the world a better place, 3 Fingers at a time…


SustainaClaus and Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda ask you this holiday season to REDUCE YOUR IMPACT on the environment and STOP Polluting.

When we say Merry “X”mas, we mean, let’s “X” out the things we don’t need in our lives – waste, overconsumption, fear, comparison, jealousy, greed, hate, insecurity and stupidity.

Instead of going to the shopping mall and wasting money on things people don’t need and don’t actually appreciate, try making something from the heart, a craft, a letter, a meal and sit and talk with people, (Face to Face), sharing your time and compassion.

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UPDATE: Join SustainaClaus the SDGsanta at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COY13 & COP23 in Bonn, Germany_\!/

This year, with Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda, focusing on promoting CHANGE WEDNESDAY to meet the of the Republic Of Conscience.

SustainaClaus and LCP the Low Carbon Panda want to Visit all the little girls and boys who are Part Of the Solution (POS)_\!/

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