Sustainable Santa (SustainaClaus the SDG Santa) has a message for you…

UPDATE: Join SustainaClaus the SDGsanta and Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COY13 & COP23 in Bonn, Germany_\!/

“Sustaina Claus” and the Sustainable Development Goals banner. With the motto “keep coal in the ground” thousands of activists took to the streets demanding Climate Justice two days ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC – COP23


Please Join the Fun at


In April 2017, SustainaClaus the SDGsanta was part of the Eco Everest team bringing the United Nations SDG Banner (the 17 Global Goals of the United Nations) up Mount Everest in Nepal for the “Blockchain to Everest” expedition.

Along with the annual (and critically important) mountain clean-up, the expedition established a Virtual Embassy of the Republic Of Conscience at 5,400m and explored and researched how BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY (Distributed Ledger Technology) can help solve the 17 Goals in Nepal.



This year, with Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda, focusing on promoting CHANGE WEDNESDAY to meet the of the Republic Of Conscience.

WORLD SUSTAINABILITY NEWS UPDATE: SustainaClaus is on our side_\!/

sustainaclaus_low-carbon-panda_-sustangelHoliday Season interview by Feiy Social Networking describing the philosophy of SustainaClaus and the support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)


URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED – SustainaClaus’s home is melting!!!


SustainaClaus wishes you live a Happy, Healthy and Sustainable 2017 – SMILE, CHANGE and UNPLUG every CHANGE WEDNESDAY, and live a lifestyle – SOLVING THE 17plusONE Sustainable Development Goals step-by-step _\!/

See the full article at:

and more information at

Ho Ho Ho, Are You Looking for a REAL Sustaina Claus?

42k_Xmas_SustainaClaus_MG_6050There are SustainaClaus’ (Sustainable Santas) all around the world, just waiting for you to ask them to include you on their “Part Of the Solution” (POS) list…

If you generously support the “Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project”, the Jolly Old Man will come to your school, business, dinner, party, mall, or special event along with LCP the Low Carbon Panda, to encourage your friends and family to live a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) and to be kind, thoughtful and generous with each other this holiday season.

Where have you seen Sustainable Santa before?
+ Shopping Mall?
+ School?
+ Business?
+ Private Dinners?
+ Community /Block Parties?
+ Special Xmas Events?

This year, SUSTAINABILITY is on everyone’s lips… so it’s time to return to the SPIRIT of the HOLIDAY.. friends, family and doing nice things for each other in a Sustainable way

If you are seeking a REAL  SustainaClaus (Sustainable Santa Claus),
PLEASE CONTACT SustainaClaus (a] with the
1.) TIME,
2.) DATE and
3.) LOCATION of your event,

and tell us how many hours you want SustainaClaus to meet with you,  your friends and customers.

Don’t forget to give SustainaClaus your telephone number if you want an immediate reply.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the season is short, SustainaClaus goes where he can raise the most FUNDRAISING MONEY for the World Sustainability Project www.WorldSustainability.Org

_SustainaClaus_IMG_20141207 About SustainaClaus in Beijing China:
“Every year I play Sustainable Santa:
I’ve played some famous roles on CCTV – for example Dr. Norman Bethune:
and Sigmund Freud in the upcoming JangWen movie “Gone with the Bullets”

Let’s put FUN, MEANING and SUSTAINABILITY back into the Holiday Season, together with Sustainable Santa_\!/

Ho Ho Ho, Merry X-Mas_\!/
SustainaClaus (Sustainable Santa)

HO, HO, HO, Merry “X”mas_\!/

are checking their lists twice (actually 3 times) and looking to see if you have acted SUSTAINABLY this year –

How Can YOU act Sustainably this year?

48k_Xmas_SustainaClaus_MG_6052Listen to these VOICE messages from SustainaClaus AKA Sustainable Santa.. and become part of the solution…

click on the Sustainiesbelow:

WOWFriday SustainaClaus wishes you a MERRY X-MAS_\!/


TIP_ Sustainable Santa has the Sustainies and SustANGELS to help him spread the message of  Living a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)


PIN_ SustainaClaus says it’s OK to SHOP – but only for what you need…



Remember to Think 3 Ways when you see a sign saying “X”mas_\!/

Find and Support the SustANGELS among us…

“X” off your list the things YOU DON’T NEED!


Share your Merry X Mas Spirit with New Friends and Family_\!/


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  1. We can all be SustainaClaus_\!/

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