SustainaClaus is the NEW Sustainable Santa…

The Old Santa was an unhealthy man, smoking and getting fat from too many cookies, dairy products and commercial endorsements where all he had to do was sit around and go ‘Ho Ho Ho’.  The poor man was seriously behind the times and becoming part of the problem as he encouraged selfishness and greediness among the little children,  making empty promises and leaving struggling parents to fulfill unrealistic demands.

Around the world, through his facilitation of shopaholic-ism and and his advocacy of mass consumption perpetuated through his many commercial mall appearances and proxy Santas, the old Mr. Claus was becoming a target of criticism from religious and family-values groups to parents who were doing all the lying, not getting any of the credit, and paying the bills.

… the last straw and apparently his last breath was drawn this past summer most probably because of Global Warming and the Global Shift of Consciousness and values. Because while the formerly jolly old man was enduring heated criticisms and the warming currents from down South, in horror, he witnessed his entire North Pole Workshop Complex sink into the Arctic Ocean, dragging his treasured sleigh and prize reindeer-in-training through the melting ice. It was too much for him to watch as the bewildered and now homeless elves were forced to distract the starving,  scavenging polar bears by sending his prize  reindeer with the bright red-nose to lead them away into the arctic darkness.

Nothing has been heard from them since.

As usual, NORAD will run the same fake tape as last year to cover up the events, and everyone will conspire to deny the rumours, pointing to the many proxy Santas still in the malls.

Google participates in this conspiracy and cover-up,  see here

As a result of this calamity, a low-key global emergency alert was sounded, and the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce, had just the man for the job: SustainaClaus the Sustainable Santa.

SustainaClaus looks like the old Santa, but with a key difference…

This holiday season, SustainaClaus is asking people to enjoy a MERRY “X”mas…

“What’s different about that?” you may well ask…

Well, this  “X”mas,  SustainaClaus reminds people that EVERY TIME you see a sign saying  “Merry Xmas”  the notice is telling you to:

  • – “X” off your Christmas list the things you don’t need
  • – don’t  mindlessly “MASS” CONSUME ,
  • don’t WASTE your money and our shared resources
  • – instead, SHARE your time, personal skills and handicraft with others to make this Holiday personal and meaningful for everyone.

So, next time you’re chatting with Santa, ask him if he believes in Sustainability, in Sharing and living a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS)

Ho, Ho, Ho, MERRRRY “X”mas_\!/


Where SustainaClaus Lives Now…

Find out where SustainaClaus lives all year ’round in the Republic Of Conscience



3 comments on “Story
  1. xin liu says:

    where is SustainaClaus?

  2. admin says:

    Here I am… in you’re imagination and in your heart..
    and if you don’t have a chimney, you take over my job and visit your friends face-to-face_\!/


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