Let us Celebrate the True Spirit of X-mas

We survived the END OF THE OLD WORLD.. and the NEW “Sustainable World Order” will begin in  Year ZERO, 2013 

So, starting NOW, today, we can begin to leave the OLD World of mass consumerism and our personal contributions to environmental destruction behind… and FOCUS on what this season is really about… sharing and caring.

SustainableSantaANDsustainies   Many of us are waiting for gifts from others.. but what are the meaningful gifts we have to offer?

  To do good work in the world.

  To “Be Necessary” and needed.

  To have something to give.

 HO HO HO.. Merry X-Mas!

Think about it … it’s not what you receive – it’s what you give that makes a difference.

Listen here for Sustainable Santa’s ‘SustainaClaus’ X-mas Message
where Sustainable Santa Says: “Everytime you see a sign saying “X-MAS”, it means: “X” off your list the things you DON’T NEED”

Click here for More messages from SustainaClaus


This year, YOU are SUSTAINACLAUS_\!/


If you would like to support SustainaClaus and all the Citizens Of Conscience in the Republic Of Conscience, please visit www.RepublicOfConscience.com


and Join us with www.CaringCurrency.com

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