UPDATE: Join SustainaClaus the SDGsanta at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COY13 & COP23 in Bonn, Germany_\!/


This year, with Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda, focusing on promoting CHANGE WEDNESDAY to meet the of the Republic Of Conscience.

This year, focusing on promoting CHANGE WEDNESDAY to meet the of the Republic Of Conscience.


Where SustainaClaus Lives

Find out where SustainaClaus lives all year ’round in the Republic Of Conscience



Join SustainaClaus in Paris, as part of during the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference . SustainaClaus is the “Sustainability Santa Claus”, arriving in grief-struck Paris on 3 Finger Wednesday, November 25th, a MONTH before his usual appearance_\!/

Now SustainaClaus is in PARIS_\!/ and the reception is Warm and Welcoming_\!/ So many people, famous and not-yet-famous have shared the “Peace Plus One – Join the FUN_\!/” Selfie3_\!/

docEnvoyIMG_0697 DocEnvoyMin_IMG_0706

In the first hours of arrival, SustainaClaus met the United Nations Envoy for Youth, Ahmad Alemdaoui, the French Minister for Youth, Patrick Kaner and many others..


3 comments on “Greeting
  1. Blair says:

    I am a Chinese and i do nothing in Xmas except giving my wishes to my friends. What a sustainable holiday it is!!! \!/

    • admin says:

      Thanks Blair – You have been a very good little girl… you are definitely a SustANGEL_\!/ Caring for friends and family is what it is all about – enjoy the season and make it last all year long…


  2. admin says:

    Here is an article about Xmas in China: “What do the Chinese Think of Christmas?”


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