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SustainaClaus at COP24, Katowice, Poland

December 6th 2018 – Speaking from the Republic Of Conscience (ConscienceLAND) at #COP24 in #Katowice #Poland on #Santa Day about the #SDG’s… GET ON THE GOOD LIST #SustainaClaus encourages all GOOD PARENTS to Be Part Of the Solution : ‘X’-Out

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BONN Germany – COY & COP

Join SustainaClaus the SDGsanta and Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COY13 & COP23 in Bonn, Germany_\!/ This year, with Wednesday the Low Carbon Panda, focusing on promoting CHANGE WEDNESDAY to meet the

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Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme

Nicolas Hulot and Sustaina Claus Philip McMaster share the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol  (^_^)_\!/ Share your 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol ( ‪#‎Selfie3Paris‬ ) with Nicolas Hulot @PlacetoBCop21

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SustainaClaus takes the Silk Road to PARIS

SustainaClaus will be coming to the town of PARIS France this December, participating in the activities surrounding the United Nations Climate Conference, specifically to bring attention to our blind consumerism and lack of faith and belief in ourselves as responsible

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胡同圣诞农夫市集(路线) F2N Christmas Market (Directions)

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X-Mas Cards 2013

    BUDe and Me wish you a Merry “X”MAS and invite you to THINK about the real meaning and function of Christmas. (Walking a dog teaches us about Meaning and Conscience)      

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ARE OUTDATED TRADITIONS KILLING THE PLANET? SustainaClaus loves to give gifts.. (especially gifts made by hand, from the heart – ) but we still create an enormous amount of WASTE in our gift giving traditions.. Linda Sharps in “Santa’s Sad

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Let us Celebrate the True Spirit of X-mas

We survived the END OF THE OLD WORLD.. and the NEW “Sustainable World Order” will begin in  Year ZERO, 2013  So, starting NOW, today, we can begin to leave the OLD World of mass consumerism and our personal contributions to

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Merry “X”mas

SustainaClaus wishes you would buy only what you need this Holiday Season. Don’t waste your money or our shared resources. Spend your time with people you care about and who care about you. Make gifts from the heart – handicrafts,

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